2018 South Beach Triathlon

2108 South Beach Triathlon

The 2018 Life Time South Beach Triathlon is right around the corner. If you need to ship and assemble your bicycle, we’ve got you covered. Miami Beach Bicycle Center is two blocks away from the triathlon’s starting point. Ship your bicycle to us and we will take care of the rest. It’s that easy. Here are a few tips to make sure everything runs smoothly:

  • Please make sure you attach a piece of paper containing your contact information around the top tube of the bike frame, this will help us identify and securely store your equipment.
  • Make sure you have your bicycle in the store one week before the race, so we have ample time to assemble your bike.
  • Once we receive your bicycle, we will assemble and ensure it’s in prime condition for the race.
  • Assemblies are done on a first come, first serve basis. The quicker we have your bicycle, the sooner it will be ready.
  • We will also be able to package and ship your bicycle back to you after the race. Just pass by the shop after the race come to drop off the bike. We will do the rest!

Please ship your bicycle to:

Miami Beach Bicycle Center

746 5th Street

Miami Beach, FL 33139

Please email or call us for any questions or concerns.

Bike Fitting

Custom Bike Fitting Miami

Miami Beach’s only certified bike fitting bike shop! We know that being a cyclist is about more than just the bike. It’s about riding longer. It’s about creating perfect synergy between rider and machine. It’s about efficiency. Its about more comfort. Dialing in the bicycle to match your biomechanics will dramatically improve ride quality. With this in mind we are focused on providing you with the best fit possible.

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